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You may be interested in the extensive information on Food Irradiation at the following American sites
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Mark Worth's "Comments" found within this site you're in,
can be read in full at

Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy & Environmental Programme website under Food Irradiation:

Contact details for Public Citizen, should you require them are:

Mark Worth:,
fax (USA) 202 547 7392, phone
202 454 5123

or Food Irradiation Campaign Co-ordinator,
Jessica Vallette Revere at   fax 202 547 7392 or phone 202 546 4996 (U.S.A.). 

Organic Consumers Association
some useful links

There is a food irradiation Bibliographic database at

Principal investigator: Ari Brynjolfsson, Ph.D

The database consists of reports, articles, books, and book chapters relevant to research and development of irradiated food from 1947 to 1997. The material was given to National Agricultural Library in the years 1986 to 1997 from the private libraries of Dr. Edward S. Josephson, Dr. Eugene Wierbicki, Dr. Walter M. Urbain, and Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson.


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