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This page lists recent additions to the site in reverse chronological order

Coming soon

A better GuestBook.
Further work on the 'Party Policies' Page. (not much from the 'Greens' !)
Extension of the Links page to reference the huge amount of material on the subject of food irradiation.
Extend 'jump menu on Home Page to all pages.
Active promotion of the site to search engines.
Please mail suggestions for presentation improvements to the Webmaster.
For matters of content, mail the SFIA.

Completed to date

June 1st
News item about meeting with Senator Hill and Mal Brough on 29th May 2001 added.

May 20th
2 news items added.

May 8th
Added a 'News' Page and some references to BREC (Brisbane Region Environment Council) pages. A new rotating red News logo points at page top there now.

April 25th
Reference to 24th April article in the Caboolture Herald plus their mail address to send them comments, added to the Home Page.

April 24th
Webmaster found an email method for the Prime Minister at
and added this to the 'Write to a Federal Politician' page and to the Home Page.

April 23rd 2001
Some changes to the layout of the Home Page, and the moving banner.

April 22nd 2001
Added a report on the highly successful Public Meeting at Narangba
Added also the opening speech by concerned resident, Suzi Tooke.

April 16th 2001
Added convenient 'jump' menu to Home Page.
Added a link to a massive food irradiation Bibliographic database on the Links page.
Added search engine tags to all index pages.
The site can now be accessed via any of the links below.
1 (as before)
5 (existed before)
Another version of some of the material on this site exists at .

April 14th 2001
Changed the name of the enterprise from Anti Food Irradiation Alliance to Stop Food Irradiation Alliance.

April 11th 2001
Tidied up the footer presentation, reducing size of large nuke sign with red cross, added date/time page updated.

April 10th 2001
New version of the page on the Steritech application process (Plant Applications)
Added page about the Public Meeting at Narangba on 20th April.

April 9th 2001
Begun work on Party Policies as currently stated by the major political parties.
Mail address at footer of plain text pages changed to the general AFIA email address.
Fixed small fault on 'Index - text version'; added footer there.

April 8th 2001
Fruit graphics changed, now they burn and smoulder !
References to AFIA & Aussie flag added to Home Page. Mail address for content contact changed

April 7th 2001
- further minor changes and typos by assistant editor.
- completed latest batch of changes, including fixing up the bug which duplicated 'References' in the 'Scientific Reports section, various typos, and amendments to page titles, and index pages.
- slightly modified the "prior to April 4th" section, this page.
- added radiation logos to Home Page and top borders; modified & moved the Irradiation Plant image.
- top borders: extended the advice "best viewed at 800x600" to "...& IE5+"; changed some text colours.

April 4th 2001
- added this 'updates' page.
- added new reference on References page under heading "Decreased Nutritional Content"
- added new page concerning the deadline for responding to Steritech's first submission
- added link to this new page and 'New' button at the top of every graphics page.

Prior to April 4th

- 31st March to 4th April 2001
- Added Hit Counter on home page and Guestbook.
- Website created and produced in 2 versions, a 'Graphics' version, and Text version.

The site is concerned with promotion of the aims of the AFIA, Anti Food Irradiation Alliance, and is composed of textual information concerning the subject of food irradiation with emphasis on a possible application to build a food irradiation plant at Narangba in South East Queensland, Australia.

Have a nice day !

The Webmaster

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