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This meeting has happened and was a great success !!
Click here for a report of the evening's events.

to discuss the


 FRIDAY 20TH APRIL 7.30 pm

Narangba Community Hall

(Mackie/Burpengary Roads, Narangba)

Steritech have applied to Environment Australia for approval for its Irradiation Plant at Narangba. The Federal Environment Minister, Senator Robert Hill, has decided to assess on “Preliminary Documents”. This is the easiest, weakest option he could have chosen! WHY?

Under the EPBC Act, this application is classified as a NUCLEAR ACTION.  Caboolture Shire is a Nuclear Free Zone!

Cobalt 60 is a by-product of uranium processing – if not used in plants like this, it would have to be stored as radioactive waste!

Steritech again state that goods to be irradiated are “Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Other Products”  OTHER = FOOD.  Steritech lodged an application for a licence to irradiate food in April 2000 !

This “Preliminary Information” can be viewed at the Caboolture Library or the State Library in Brisbane. Steritech are not providing copies to interested parties, even by email, or posting this information on their website.

Come to the meeting, find out exactly what is happening, tell those politicians and candidates you want THEM to ACT.



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